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Discover the transformative power of sound healing. Enhance your ability to self-heal and restore your well being.

About Little Bird

Crystal Ramirez, founder of Little Bird - Sound Healing, is a certified practitioner dedicated to creating sacred space by offering transformative sound baths and personalized healing sessions. She aims to serve the community of North Carolina community and has a deep-seated commitment to aiding others. Crystal strives to empower individuals to unlock their innate potential for manifesting their dreams, embracing their inner strength, and enhancing their self-healing capabilities.

cute little bird
cute little bird

Individual Sessions

Our Services

silhouette of person standing on rock surrounded by body of water
silhouette of person standing on rock surrounded by body of water

Individual sessions are personalized to align with the clients’ preferences and needs. Crystal uses intuitive guidance to craft sound healing sessions that lead the listener through their energy layers, which results in bringing the client into a state of bliss. Additionally, Her sessions will gently guide you from your higher operating brain waves know as Beta into a dream like state known as Theta and Delta brain waves.

Please click on the offerings button below to learn more about the various services that are available to you during a private session.

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group of women getting ready for a sound bath
group of women getting ready for a sound bath

Private Group Events

Discover the Healing Power of a Sound Bath

Crystal's Sound Bath Healing sessions are tailored to your group's needs. It is a wonderful way to have a meditative, healing experience. The instruments include gongs, singing bowls, drums, flutes and other various vibrations.

What to Expect

We are all vibrational beings and sound healing uses entrainment to bring you into tune with your own unique vibrations. It is an immersive experience that incorporates tranquil sounds to promote relaxation and enhance your own self-healing be taking you out of the fight or flight mode.

Tailored Sessions

Crafted to address your group's specific intentions, whether it's stress relief, emotional balance, or spiritual connection.


Experience stress reduction, emotional healing, physical relaxation, and deepened spiritual awareness.

Book Your Session via her profile. Our keep on eye on our calendar for Public Group events.

Crystal Ramirez can travel to your location or arrange a private event at the 1:11 Art and Healing Space.

Contact her today to schedule your personalized journey.

Crystal is so awesome. She created a beautiful sound bath just for me and Kim. So much gratitude!


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